For Safe Foot Care Services

'Every client has a right to receive safe Foot Care.'

Professional Equipment

At Velvet Foot Care, we use a top of the line professional podiatry drill, which is designated for medical use, and comes with integrated suction.

This means that all specialized burs, nippers, and files are top quality and for podiatry/medical use only.  Much of the dust from nails and skin is contained with a built-in 'medical mini vacuum cleaner'.


Every client has a right to receive safe Foot Care.

This includes that every client is treated with tools that have been sterilized and packaged separately for each client.

No client should be infected with any disease from another person because tools have not been sterilized properly between treatments.

The British Columbia College of Nursing Professionals, and the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses, mandate specific sterilization techniques for Foot Care Nurses.

All tools are first cleaned by hand, and then inserted into a machine that will shake off any micro particles with ultra-sonic sound.

The tools will then be individually packaged in specific medical plastic bags, labelled, and inserted into an automated steam autoclave (picture on this page).  

Foot Care Nurses have to keep a Log Book of all these sterilized equipment bags, so they can prove at any time how each tool has been sterilized for each client that they treat.

These techniques are equivalent to what is used in hospitals and for surgery, and are considered the safest practice by BC Health Authorities.

Image of an Autoclave used for footcare tools

No Foot Soaks

Who wouldn't love a nice and soothing foot soak?  But there are problems with soaking feet.  

Extended soaks can dry out your feet and cause other problems.  Some foot conditions can get worse with soaks, for example diabetic feet where blood circulation and nerve sensation can be poor or where there is a risk of open wounds.

For a Foot Care treatment, a soak is not only a bad idea, it is simply not allowed by the British Columbia College of Nursing Professionals, and the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses.

Recent medical research has shown that foot soaks prior to foot care can cause a variety of serious medical issues, which can potentially cause you pain and harm.

One dangerous issue is that it is almost impossible to properly disinfect the tubs that are used for more than one client.

Foot soaks also make the smoothing of your feet more difficult and potentially painful.    

So no foot soaks as part of a Velvet Foot Care's treatment - you deserve the best and most current nursing care of your feet!


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