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  1. NURSING FOOT CARE IS ABOUT THE HEALTH OF YOUR FEET - the prevention, early identification, and care of medical problems with feet.  We network with other health professionals.  Velvet Foot Care offers safe and effective care of...  Read more... and see List of Services

  2. MORE INFORMATION ABOUT FOOT CARE:  Professions involved, Sterilization of Equipment used, and other things of interest.   Read more...

  3. WHAT TO EXPECT - here is a little more on how the mobile Foot Care service will happen at your home.  Read more...

  4. HOURS for phone calls and home visits, click here

  5. PRICING - Charges are per visit for a person, or per visit for a couple.  Veterans pay only a portion of the cost.  All fees are tax deductible as medical expenses.  
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Serving the area of:
Salt Spring Island, BC