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Painless - Individually Adaptable - Innovative

A New System for Gentle Correction of Ingrown Toe Nails

New Technology

The Onyfix nail correction system is a versatile and innovative product that enables completely painless treatment of almost all forms of involuted and ingrown toenails.

At Velvet Foot Care, we will adapt the system individually and fix it to your nail, which is then brought back into its natural shape as it grows.

The whole process is pain-free, during application and throughout the entire treatment!

How it works: The nail is prepared prior to application. The Onyfix composite is then spread on the nail and shaped correctly. After the composite has hardened, the nail correction system guides the nail in its healthy shape, growing all the way to the tip without any tension.

Several visits for subsequent applications may be required for lasting success.

Image of a foot with Onyfix applied to an ingrown toe nail

The Benefits of ONYFIX

Pain-free treatment

Rapid pain alleviation

Corrects the nail through physiological nail growth

Effective without exerting force on the nail

Combinable and individually adaptable system

Effectiveness confirmed by a study

Particularly suitable for those with diabetes

No restrictions on patient activities (incl. swimming/sauna)

Nail polish can still be used

PRICING: All fees are tax deductible as medical expenses.  Veterans may apply for partial refund. Price List

Image of four stages of Onyfix correcting a toe nail through natural growth, from initial conditions to 30 weeks after

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