Velvet Foot Care Services


$ 110
for Initial Visit[1]
or Irregular Visit[1]

  •  Visits in the comfort of Mini Clinic at mid-island location.

  •  Usually:
     60-90 min


$ 85
per Regular Visit[2]

     Visits in the comfort of Mini Clinic at mid-island location.

  •  Usually:
     45-60 min


    ONYFIX for Ingrown Nails:

    + $35
    For Onyfix Treatment at Regular Foot Care Visit[2]

    Separate Visit for Onyfix Treatment

  • TOEFX for Fungal Nails:

    Per Visit For Toefx Treatment

  1. INITIAL VISIT, or IRREGULAR VISIT:  Approximately 1 to 2 hours per person.
    First appointments, and appointments that do not follow planned treatments (pauses over 3 months) will take longer for treatment. Also, a Nursing Assessment is necessary at the first visit. An additional cost of $25 applies to these longer visits.

  2. REGULAR FOLLOW-UP VISITS:  Between 45 to 60 minutes (3/4 to 1 hour) per person.
    Usually occur every 8 weeks, depending on the nursing plan that will respect care needs and goals for your feet.

  3. MSP COVERAGE:  Foot Care Services are not covered by MSP, even if referred by a doctor for patients with medical conditions such as diabetes. Referal by a doctor is not required to book appointments for Foot Care Services.

  4. VETERANS:  You contact DVA to get possible refund up to $60.00 per visit, depends on your plan.

    We accept Cash, Cheques, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards. No tips required.

    Gift Cards for services and products are available upon request.

  7. TAX DEDUCTABLE:  Services provided by a Foot Care Nurse are tax deductible as a medical expense (no GST/PST charged on services).   Some extended health plans also cover Nursing Foot Care Services.  Therefore, keep your receipts.

Serving the area of:
Salt Spring Island, BC