A Safe, Effective Solution for Fungal Nails

Relief with Photodisinfection - Clinical Study - Approved by Health Canada

Fungal Nails: A Widespread Challenge

Surveys show that over 10% of the general population suffer from fungal nails, and possibly 50-60% of seniors. In studies, over half of abnormal nails were infected.

Diagnosed as Onychomycosis, this a contagious infection that can affect day-to-day activities. Patients can feel embarassed by the look or smell of their toe nails, try to hide them away, or feel restricted in what activities they can participate.

Treatment has been difficult
Lotions or lacquers have been found to have less than 25% success for cure within a year. Many patients are reluctant to take prescription drugs against fungal nails because of concerns about side effects or interactions with other medications.

How ToeFX works: During your visit at our clinic, a non-toxic blue serum is applied to the nails. This substance binds to fungal microorganisms within 15 minutes. The feet are then placed for another 15 minutes under a special dome that emits red LED light. This triggers a photochemical reaction that kills the fungal cells.

A personal treatment plan will be prepared for you, depending on severity of infection and progress. For example during 3 months treatment is repeated every 2 weeks, then during 9 months every 8 weeks. A total of 8-15 visits are usually necessary for lasting success.

Image of a foot with blue serum applied to nails and put under a specific tool that emits red light against fungal nails

The Benefits of TOEFX

Quick, Easy, Effective Treatments - but you have to be prepared to follow a personalized plan for repeat treatments during about a year or until success is achieved

60 minutes (both feet), every 2 weeks for first 3 months, then every 8 weeks according to plan, usually for a total of 8-15 appointments

Clinical study: 97% of toes improved

76% of patients see substantial or total clearance within 6 months (50% to 100% reduction in the surface area of the nail covered by fungus)

No medication, no side effects

No Laser but Red Light (630-660 nm, below Infrared)

Vegan friendly, no animal testing

Developed in Canada, used worldwide

PRICING: The total amount for all sessions is a considerable commitment, but still competitive compared to other treatment options.  Price List

All fees are tax deductible as medical expenses. Veterans may apply for partial refund.

Image of two toe nails before and after treatment, showing much improvement

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