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Nursing Foot Care
 Salt Spring Island, BC

Mini Clinic at convenient mid-island location.
Friendly, competent, professional.
Registered Nurse (Certified Foot Care Specialist, CFCS).


Certification and Professional Standards

Update COVID-19:
OPEN & Accepting New Clients

Velvet Foot Care is always adhering to strict mandatory standards that are the same as for hospitals. To avoid infections of any kind, tools are kept professionally sterilized and packaged for each client individually, and the nurse is always wearing personal protective equipment (PPE).

In addition, the following procedures will apply:

● We request that clients report any symptoms of illness prior to treatment (if possible via phone).

● Clients are required to wear a mask and sanitize hands upon arrival. A disposable non-medical mask will be provided at no cost if necessary.

● We accept Cash, Cheques, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards. No tips required. See Price List for details.

Call Cara via phone at 250-538-8180 to book appointments or ask further questions. New clients welcome.

Looking forward to seeing you, and thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

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Healthy feet are important to all aspects of our life.

Feet are complex. Injuries of feet or toes can happen at all ages. The same is true for some deformations and problems with nails, skin, and bones.

It is normal that some problems become more pronounced with age.

Often our regular routines are not enough. Where health conditions are a concern, a professional foot care nurse can help.

Avoid pain and immobility. Prevent problems with your feet. Have them looked after if there is a health issue.

Be safe and be healthy.

Feet with sports sneakers jumping into the air, meaning active professional nursing footcare with Velvet Foot Care


Safe and Effective Care of...

Corns & Calluses, Hammer Toes, Dry & Cracked Skin, Thickened Toe Nails, Diabetic Feet, and more.

Ingrown Nails and Fungal Nails: New and non-invasive technology for gentle treatment.

Assessment & Treatment, Cutting & Filing Nails, Foot Foam Cream, Teaching & Prevention.

Equipment sterilized to Medical Care Standards (Best Practice, BC Health Authorities).

Foot Care Services delivered by a Registered Nurse are a tax deductible medical expense.

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Cara Birkeland, RN, BSN (UBC)

has enjoyed working in Health Care and Gerontology at hospitals and care homes for over 20 years.

Cara believes that every person is unique, that personal contact is key, and that health care is not only interesting, but needs to be fun and fascinating.

She is certified and keeps up to date with courses and studies in her field.

Cara is experienced in networking with other health care professionals for the benefit of her clients.

Safe, friendly, honest, and personal service at convenient Mini Clinic on Salt Spring Island. 

Serving the area of:
Salt Spring Island, BC